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UConn Linguistics

Number Title Upcoming and recent Taught by
Ling 3000Q
Ling 5000
Intro to Computational Linguistics Fall 2020 Stefan Kaufmann
Fall 2019 Stefan Kaufmann
Ling 3410Q Semantics Spring 2021 Nadine Theiler
Fall 2019 Nadine Theiler
Ling 3795
Ling 6798
Mathematical structures in linguistics Spring 2018 Jos Tellings
Ling 5410 Semantics I Fall 2020 Jon Gajewski and Nadine Theiler
Fall 2019 Magdalena Kaufmann
Ling 5420 Semantics II Spring 2019 Stefan Kaufmann
Spring 2018 Magdalena Kaufmann
Ling 6410 Semantics Seminar Fall 2018: “Embedded clauses” Magdalena Kaufmann
Fall 2017: “Readings and research in semantics” Magdalena Kaufmann and Jos Tellings
Spring 2017: “Layers of conventional meaning” Magdalena Kaufmann
Ling 6420 Topics in Semantics Spring 2020: “Topics in question semantics” Nadine Theiler
Fall 2019: “Number” Stefan Kaufmann
and Stewart Shapiro
(crosslisted as Phil 5342)
Spring 2019: “Dynamic Semantics” Jon Gajewski
and Magdalena Kaufmann
Spring 2018: “Modality” Stefan Kaufmann
and Stewart Shapiro
(crosslisted as Phil 5342)