In Linguistics

Number Title Upcoming and recent Taught by
Ling 3000Q/5000 Intro to Computational Linguistics Fall 2017 Stefan Kaufmann
Fall 2016 Stefan Kaufmann
Ling 3410Q Semantics Spring 2017 Stefan Kaufmann
Ling 5410 Semantics I Fall 2017 Stefan Kaufmann
Fall 2016 Jon Gajewski
Ling 5420 Semantics II Spring 2017 Magdalena Kaufmann
Ling 6410 Semantics Seminar Fall 2017 Magdalena Kaufmann
Spring 2017: “Layers of conventional meaning” Magdalena Kaufmann
Fall 2016: “Questions and answers” Stefan Kaufmann
Ling 6420 Topics in Semantics Spring 2018 Stefan Kaufmann

with Stewart Shapiro (Philosophy)