Zyookenditionals: Conditionals in Japanese, English, and beyond

Jointly with collaborators in Japan, we are hosting a series of online presentations showcasing ongoing work on conditionals and related topics. This event is part of an ongoing collaboration sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science*. Presentations are spread out over several days in June, 2021. See the schedule below (subject to change). For login information or other details, please contact Magdalena Kaufmann or Stefan Kaufmann.

*Conditionals and topology – the origins of non-monotonicity, Grant No. 17K02699; Constructing a semantic theory of modal expressions without the concept of possible worlds – evidence from Japanese, Grant No. 20K00586; both Ikumi Imani, PI.



EDT: June 15, 9am – 11am JAPAN: June 15, 10pm-midnight
slot 1:Stefan Kaufmann (joint work with Magdalena Kaufmann)
slot 2: Setsuko Arita
EDT: June 17, 9am-11am JAPAN: June 17, 10pm-midnight
slot 1: Muyi Yang
slot 2: Teruyuki Mizuno
EDT: June 17, 10pm-midnight JAPAN: June 18, 11am – 1pm
slot 1: Magdalena Kaufmann & John Whitman
slot 2: Yukinori Takubo
EDT: June 22, 10pm – midnight JAPAN: June 23, 11am – 1pm
slot 1: Yurie Hara
slot 2: general discussion