Who we are

The UConn Meaning Group meets on a regular (mostly weekly) basis throughout the academic year to discuss recent and ongoing work in the areas of Semantics, Pragmatics, and Philosophy of Language. It consists primarily of faculty and graduate students in the Departments of Linguistics and Philosophy, but is open to anyone interested in the topics. Anyone who would like to be on the mailing list is invited to get in touch.

In Fall, 2021, regular meetings will be held on Fridays 1:15-2:15pm, either online or in Oak Hall 338 (watch the announcements).

Related events (Linguistics and Philosophy feeds)

  1. 9/29 Brown Bag: Bill Lycan, "Questions, Answers And Lies"
  2. 10/1 Professional Development Workshop For ECE/Philosophy Teachers
  3. 10/1 Logic Colloquium: Dilip Ninan (Tufts)
  4. 10/6 Brown Bag: Mitch Green, “How To Pull An Epistemic Rabbit Out Of A Fictional Hat: On Gaining Knowledge, Or Something Close Enough, From Works Of Fiction.”
  5. 10/11 ECOM Spotlight Series: Charles Davis
  6. 10/12 Meeting with DGS and 2nd Year Grads
  7. 10/13 UCHI Fellow's Talk: Drew Johnson
  8. 10/15 Linguistics Colloquium: Miloje Despic (Cornell)
  9. 10/19 Meeting with DGS and 3rd Year Grads
  10. 10/20 Brown Bag: Ahmad Jabbar And Drew Johnson, TBA (On Expressivism)

Contact us

Phone: (860) 486-8123
Address: c/o Stefan Kaufmann
Department of Linguistics
365 Fairfield Way, Unit 1145
Storrs, CT 06269-1145