Special events

May 8-11, 2017: Lisa Matthewson (UBC)

The Department of Linguistics is excited to host Lisa Matthewson for our May Linguistics Lecture Series. Lisa Matthewson is Professor and Distinguished University Scholar in the Department of Linguistics at the University of British Columbia.

Collaborations in cross-linguistic semantics

In this lecture series participants will be introduced to a range of recent results in cross-linguistic semantics. Participants will also have the opportunity to identify their own – possibly collaborative – research projects in cross-linguistic semantics, and/or to make progress on existing projects. Each three-hour lecture will contain both a presentation and a discussion component.


Monday, May 8th, 1-4, Oak 112

Day one: Dealing with the unexpected

  • Introduction: The enterprise and methods of cross-linguistic semantics
  • Markers of unexpectedness in St’át’imcets and beyond

(joint work with Henry Davis)


Tuesday, May 9th, 1-4, Oak 112

Day two: Is nothing perfect?

  • Decomposing the ‘experiential’ perfect: The view from Atayal and Javanese

(joint work with Sihwei Chen, Hotze Rullmann and Jozina Vander Klok)

  • Micro-variation in the semantics of perfects

(joint work with Bruno Andreotti, Anne Bertrand, Heather Burge, Sihwei Chen, Joash Gambarage, Erin Guntly, Thomas J. Heins, Marianne Huijsmans, Kalim Kassam, Elise McClay, Daniel Reisinger, Raiane Salles, Michael Schwan, Jozina Vander Klok and Hotze Rullmann)


Wednesday, May 10th, 1-4, Oak 112

Day three: Verum IS the topic

  • Verum focus is not focus: Gitksan and Chadic

(joint work with Daniel Gutzmann and Katharina Hartmann)

  • Verum as common ground management in Gitksan, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean

(joint work with Li-Anne Koh, Sandy Park and Raiane Salles)


Thursday, May 11th9-12, Oak 112

Day four: We have to talk about modals

  • Maria should become a baker, but she isn’t supposed to: Modals in German vs. English

(joint work with Hubert Truckenbrodt)

  • Towards a theory of modal-temporal interaction

(joint work with Hotze Rullmann)