Author: Jon Gajewski

Updated schedule

Here is an updated schedule of upcoming presentations:

3/31: Stefan Kaufmann leads the discussion of von Prince 2019

4/7: Muyi Yang leads discussion of Tellings 2021 “When if or when Specify Modals”

4/14: OPEN

4/21: OPEN

4/28: Muyi Yang SALT practice talk

Meeting on 3/10: Gan on perspective shift

On Thursday, March 10 from 12:45 to 1:45 in Oak 338, Eva Gan will lead us in a discussion of perspective shift across modalities, comparing role shift in sign languages with different types of perspective shift in spoken languages.

Eva encourages everyone to read the paper below before the discussion, but says it won’t be necessary to read it to follow along.

Maier, E., & Steinbach, M. (2022). Perspective Shift Across Modalities. Annual Review of Linguistics, 8, pp. 59-76.
Paper may be downloaded at this link:

Meeting on 2/24: Koev In Press

We will have a meeting this Thursday, February 24 in Oak 338.  From now on this semester the time for our meeting will be **12:45 to 1:45**.

There will be an option to participate remotely.  Let us know if you would like to and we’ll send you the information.

Jon Gajewski will lead a discussion of Chapter 2 (‘Illocutionary Force’) of Todor Koev’s forthcoming OUP book “Parenthetical Meaning.”

The reading has been distributed to the email list.